5 Things

I read and follow a lot of blogs, and there seems to be a recurring theme among almost all of them. Bloggers love posts that list 5 things – “5 Things That Inspired Me Today”, “5 Songs That I Love Right Now”, “5 Things To Do This Weekend”, etc. My friends in college used to play a really fun and embarrassing game called “let’s see what everyone googled last”. So in honor of that embarrassing game and lists of 5 things, I present to you…

The last 5 things I googled on my phone:

1) “avocadoes from mexico”

2) “libra symbol”

3) “clark kent”

4) “where to buy fatty sundays”

5) “can you take a dog on the subway?”


2 thoughts on “5 Things

  1. This is amazing. Mine were:
    1: living’s as easy as 312 (typical)
    2. panera gift card balance
    3. closest chicago bww
    4. cartier 1895 solitaire
    5. i believe in a thing called love by the darkness

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