The Walk

In high school, we made a tradition of attending the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes on behalf of Kim. We had matching turquoise team shirts that said “KIM & CO”, in the Tiffany’s & Co style. It’s been a while, but we got a great group of people together and walked again this year. Unfortunately, without matching shirts.

In high school, another part of the tradition was being incredibly, incredibly hungover. The walk takes place on a Sunday morning, so we were certainly not going to sacrifice our raging Saturday night plans (most likely in someone’s basement, drinking alcohol stolen from our parent’s liquor cabinets…sorry mom). There are countless photos of me looking like I just got run over by a car, but I still always made it, somehow. I must be a really great friend. But I digress…

This year, we showed up (some of us hungover, some of us not). Sarah and I promptly found the food tents and proceeded to eat at least 4 mini-bagels. If anyone knows my obsession with them, you also probably guessed that I may or may not have stolen about 6-8 bananas throughout the course of the morning and shoved them in my purse and pockets.

I love Brooklyn. JK.

Once the whole gang was there, we set off to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. If you have never done this, this is something you should do at least once in your life. It was a great feeling knowing that I was walking across this landmark bridge, on a beautiful early-fall day for a cause that means a lot to me in honor of my best friend. We could not have asked for a better Sunday morning.


After the walk, most of us went to Onieals (also known as the bar “Scout” that Aidan and Steve opened on Sex and the City) in the Little Italy/SoHo area for a fantastic brunch. While we were there, the Sex and the City tour bus pulled up with tourists thirsty for cosmopolitans. They were snapping photos of everything from their drinks to the restaurant sign to those cool and casual New Yorkers brunching (and by that, I mean us).

The Group