In case you missed it…

This past Friday, I wrote my first-ever guest blog post for my college roommate/best friend’s blog. She loved my recent post about what’s in my search history and asked me to update the world on what else I’ve been searching for. Although it is not my most inspiring work, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was on the edge of my seat waiting for her to post it.

You can view what I wrote on Katharine’s blogĀ here.

And to tide you over until my next ground-breaking post, let me share a few random photos from my desktop.

Things that make me happy.

My boss posted this to our company Facebook page. Two things that give me joy in life: bananas and marketing materials.

The only thing I can afford these days.

The only thing I can afford these days.

If this post wasn’t random enough for you, let’s add the song I currently can’t get enough of. Can you believe she is only 16?